About Our Collections

A BulletGirl is a woman who has manifested the best version of herself. Life is hers to live and she is proud of how far she’s come. She has scars, but she’s stronger for them. She sees them as footprints of the life she’s lived. A BulletGirl spreads light and love to all those in her path. But she
is not a superhero. She's human.

Like each of us, BulletGirls have different sides to themselves - personified in each of our collections. Each of us is multifaceted and can play up or down the different sides of ourselves depending on where we are in life or what we’re feeling. Our collections allow you to celebrate all facets of yourself - and most importantly, have fun in them! 

Aguila -  The Aguila woman is deeply connected to her inner eye. She has a strong gut feeling and intuition about people and situations and knows to listen  to her inner voice. Her strength is her wisdom and the ability to look within for the answers.

Bonita - Bonita is a pure, innocent, and fun-loving soul. She’s carefree, always smiling and illuminates the room with her sunshine. She is the personification of Joie de Vivre - the Joy of Living!

- Calibre is made of High Caliber. He’s a masculine energy and loves to take action. Calibre likes to explore the unexplored. He tunes in with the caliber of a person and aims to be an example to others.

Chains of Love - With Chains of Love, wrap yourself in the arms of love. Chains of Love is the ultimate connector and represents unity. Chains of Love is the perfect complement to Vesper and Fiona.

- Domino is a timeless lady. Classic and elegant. She represents the duality of life and is confident in expressing many sides of herself. She represents Balance in life. 

Elektra - Elektra shines bright. She’s a luminous and glowing energy. She lives life with passion and purpose. Elektra is a Light Worker bringing peace to her community.

- Fiona is all heart. Her life is full of luck because she leads with the heart. Fiona knows that the heart is a portal and that the heart is the access point of the soul.

Honey Ryder - Sweet like Honey, Honey Ryder is a healing spirit. She is connected to the realm of the Spiritual and her lucky number 11:11 represents her connection to the divine.

Jinx - Sassy and modern, Jinx has a feisty attitude and an inner confidence that shines. She has a strong voice and knows when to use it - to advocate for herself and others. Bonita and Jinx are best friends and always hand in hand

Solitaire - Solitaire is an independent soul. She is grounded in her values and lives life to the beat of her own drum. She loves solving problems and doesn’t play games! Solitaire is deeply connected to her roots, her home, and her foundations.

Susana Frost - Glamor. Susana Frost is all glamor. With a bold elegance, Susana Frost lives her life as a go-getter and golden girl. She’s courageous and a fierce protector of her loved ones. 

Vesper - Vesper is like a flash of lightning. She makes a statement when she enters the room. When she speaks, she hits the nail on the head and speaks her mind.