Meet our Bulletgirls

How did you become a jewelry designer? 

Jessica Meyer: I felt like I had a message to share – I wanted to take a symbol associated with violence and darkness and turn it into something protective, peaceful, and powerful. This is to me what being a woman and mother is about and that’s how Bullet Girl was born. 

Susana Stern: I have been designing clothing for over 35 years, so to design jewelry was an extension of my creative process. 

Describe your style in three words.  

JM: Edgy, contemporary, and classy... with a twist! 

SS: Contemporary, elegant, sexy.

Who is the Bulletgirl woman? 

JM: A Bulletgirl listens to her own voice. She believes in herself and her boundless capacity across many dimensions in life. A Bulletgirl shares her  light with all those who cross her path. 

SS: She creates a sense of adventure wherever she goes! 

What is your most precious piece of jewelry?

JM: A gorgeous star sapphire ring that my grandmother gave me when I turned 15.  

SS: All. Of. Them. 

What is your personal life motto? 

JM: Live with courage and kindness- Breathe in and out love.
SS: Live in the Moment