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Moms Love Guns ft. Nathalie Campion

Describe your style in three words.

Modern, Minimalist, Unique.

How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry? 

I love that it incorporates my passion for shooting in a beautifully elegant design. I feel beautiful, empowered and elegantly edgy. 

You and your husband have built and sold several multi-million dollar businesses including a construction company, independent car dealership and now a specialized business coaching and consulting business! What do you focus your time on now? 

I am fortunate enough to have an incredibly supportive husband who, along with our amazing team, has allowed me to retire from the day to day operations of the business. Now, I get to focus my time on our son, developing my skill and training with firearms and self-defense, and doing what I can to inspire other women who are interested in shooting/personal protection but are intimidated by it. 

How did you discover and become passionate about shooting?

I was in need of an activity that allowed me to de-stress my life, stress was causing me some pretty significant health issues, and I needed a powerful solution. Living in Arizona, outdoor activities are limited to the non-summer months, so I needed something I could do indoors if need be. I already weight train and yoga, was just not cutting it. Other activities and sports usually require other people, planning and maneuvering around busy schedules. Shooting just seemed to be a great solution. But having a small child at home, and the nature of shooting in general, I didn’t want to go in half-hearted, untrained and potentially hurt myself/others. So I sought out the best training I could find right away. My trainers, Josh and Karen from Guardian Training and Consulting not only helped me to fast track my ability/proficiency, but became dear friends in the process. From the first shot I was completely hooked. Fell in love with shooting, the awesome people I met in the shooting world and found true common passion with so many different people in the community. 

As a shooter, how do you feel BulletGirl reflects your passion for the sport? 

It’s a perfect balance of femininity and strength. It’s not overly masculine, in a sport that is largely male-dominated, and not overly “girly”. It truly does reflect both my affinity for shooting and love for clean/modern design that is subtly edgy and beautiful. 

BulletGirl is all about strength, resilience, and confidence in women. What's one lesson you know now that you wish you had known when you were a young girl?

Stop worrying about what other people think of you, don’t try to conform to who you think everyone wants you to be. Be the best version of your true self, live your core values every day. It will attract the RIGHT people to you and repel the WRONG people. 

Which BulletGirl collection resonates with you most and why?  

Personally I like Aguila the best. My style is typically minimalist and modern. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry because I live a very active life with my son. I even traded in my large/bulky engagement ring and wedding band for one simple diamond band I could do all activities with. But when I do attend events and get dressed up, I prefer to have one or two statement pieces that set off any outfit and suit most event types. Aguila seems to do that beautifully. 

What's your life motto? 

I don’t really have a motto. But my husband and I live by our core values which are Be Real, Have Fun, Make Money, Help Out. 

Do you have any tips for young female entrepreneurs? 

From my own experience and having known many other successful women entrepreneurs, I think there’s a misconception that women have to push aside their femininity to fight for their place in the entrepreneurial world. Often times overcompensating by forcing themselves to be bad versions of men, which puts them out of balance with who they are and makes them eventually feel unhappy and/or stressed. 

In that endeavor, they miss the most powerful strength they have, their unique femininity. Women tend to be better communicators, we can pick up on other’s emotions and feelings, we read facial expressions better, we are able to resolve disagreements with conversations without resorting to conflict. There will always be a time and place for conflict in being an entrepreneur, that’s a given. But don’t shy away from your natural gifts, lean into them, you will find being in balance with yourself will serve you better than trying to be someone you are n