Meet Tonja Thomas: Entrepreneur and TV Show Creator

Describe your style in a few words.
Chic with an edge, all about real and Bullet.

What does bulletGirl Jewelry represent to you?
Through our imperfections, flaws, hardships, having vulnerability...we are molded, it is there where the woman warrior is shaped and grown.  Some embrace this, through this we empower each other.  You see, you choose that and allow God’s light to light you up and lead. You are grown through all of this. Being a warrior is learned and the training is taken on between pushing past obstacles, limitations and pushing towards the light.  It’s about being real and using what you have inside to empower others around you. My style is chic with an edge, real and bullet. Style is not just limited to what we wear ; it’s what is projected from the inside out. The light that shines from within - This is why I resonate with the BulletGirl mentality.  We can wear crowns and straighten each other’s crowns ; we can also wear bullet and empower the warrior within.....we as woman to each other.

Photo cred: Lisa Mouton 

How I discovered BulletGirl Jewelry? 
I was introduced to Jessica via our mutual trainer.  I had known her family for years by my ex-husband and “The Institute of Hispanic culture.” (I think her parents were at my wedding and I had met Jessica briefly). It was an instant soul connection like I knew she was my tribe.  We simply just got each other - our souls understood. 

What's YahBrah? 
Yah as in God and Brah as in brotherhood.  It is about Yahbrah moments. Special moments and experiences, those things in life that really matter: Feed on faith, push past limitations and obstacles, help others, Yahbrah! This brand was created to inspire! Stories of overcomers, people pushing past limitations to achieve their goals, helping others along the way to do the same. There is talk of a show and short stories of everyday people for this. A modern-day chicken soup for the soul.

  Forgiveness through Redemption” by Tonja Oria.- This book was written after years of journaling. I kept it deep inside and prayed. I knew the name to title it for years. I had to wait till I knew in spirit when it was time. I went through hell and back - a lot of pain.  My pain was not wasted, your pain and how you made it out can be empowering to others. Beauty for Ashes.  Amazing how God uses things in your life and can make things beautiful.  After a lot of healing....God gave me words and a voice.  Through being pruned I learned to “Do all things thru Love’, that phrase is engrained in me from my Granny.   Embracing the challenges.  Feeding on my faith.  Leaning in and surrendering is not for weak, its about letting go and letting God even when your life is turned upside down. Your family as well.  It was not easy to divorce, but after the divorce (your children’s father taken to federal prison in NYC) that most people don’t realize is the Vortex of storms and damage took years to untangled from.  God, in the lead, carried me and my family through the storm. There is so much more.  I have had two script writers want the story and several executive producers and a well-known actress. I can not mention now.  All is in the works.  As far as my book, I have been on numerous radio shows. 

Photo cred: Lisa Mouton 

What are your passions? 
I have a passion for travel, culinary - both dining & cooking, entertaining & wine, culture. Love the Arts. I enjoy exercise, kick boxing, deep conversations and laughter.

How do you cultivate creativity in your life?
I cultivate creativity by staying balanced within my body and soul. Having my Prayer time and pressing in. I also enjoy great music. it charges me. I am often awakened in the middle of the night with bursts of creativity. I have to make sure I charge myself up.  I also charge with nature: the sound and look of the ocean, water, the moon, sunsets and rises. A Bullet girl is not afraid to be different, Stand where she’s called to, Positively charged with her passions about a Bullet life!