Meet Jaz Stanze - Owner and Operator of the Houston K9 Academy

My style is:
a)  rugged with a twist of glam
b) if Sporty Spice were Latina. 
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How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry? 
BulletGirl is jewelry that speaks to me.  I was a heavy gunner in the military.  I was carrying M60s around a nuke base in Italy, guarding sensitive military equipment.  I qualified on the M249, M16 (that should tell you my age), M4, 50 Caliber, 9mm Beretta.  I served in the US Air Force and after my honorable discharge went into the private sector with some of the most elite security specialists in the world.  Ammo was my protection. I've always had some shade of girly in my gear... from dangling rings, to my nails done, always wearing earrings unless I was going in covert and playing off as one of the men because a female was not allowed on mission due to cultural differences), bangles, my watches bedazzled, etc.  When I first saw BulletGirl jewelry... it was something I immediately fell in love with and had to have. The pieces are so empowering -  they are dainty yet loud. The beauty behind the beast (bullet)! 
Can you tell us about your work as the head K9 trainer for K9s4Cops? 
Houston K9 Academy, LLC is a minority, veteran, woman owned small business.  K9s4Cops selected HK9A in 2013 to be a Premium Kennel of Choice.  I love to help people.  We are huge supporters of law enforcement and the thin blue line family.  Jason and I thought it would be a great way to work with a remarkable cause and organization.  As one of few females in this industry, I strive for excellence in myself as well as my graduates- whether K9 officer or Police canine.  
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Working with K9s in your field, you must have a special place in your heart for dogs. Do you have one? 
I have always had dogs. My first, very own dog was at the young age of 4.  His name was Boy George, a teacup pomeranian.  I taught that little rascal to ride in the back seat of my tricycle.  I lost Boy George when he was very young.  It was my first experience of a tragic loss.  I spoke to him through my prayers and from that point on its been about dogs for me.   

What do the words "man's best friend" mean to you?  
This one hits home for me. Being down range, in some very lonely, dark and vulnerable times... My dog!  I can thank my partners for being those ears to listen, "a shoulder to cry on", judgement never passed and the wet kisses to remind me we made it through another fight/ mission.  
My favorite life quote? BREATHE!  LOOK AROUND!  SMILE!
I cant say I have perfected this, but I try my best.  Breathe- because sometimes the day is fast paced and its GO TIME! as soon as I wake.  Look around- when you move so fast you, you miss the beauty in front of you.
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