Meet Gorgeous NYC Fashion Model: YUEN

Describe your style in three words.
Feminine, Chic, cool

How did you discover BulletGirl Jewelry?
I had the pleasure to be part of the campaign in one of the season for BulletGirl Jewelry. I was so intrigued  by the idea and amazed by the message of brand. It's romantic, chic, and sophisticated but at the same time strong, unifying and full of love.

How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry? 
The jewelry empowers me greatly due to its creativity and unique design. The fierceness of the bullets with the elegant craftsmanship of the jewelry represents my inner model. It's a dream! 

Tell us about your career path in modeling! What have been some highlights? 
I started modeling where I from- Malaysia. After I won a major model search competition at my hometown, I traveled around Asia, Europe and US for most of the fashion weeks. Other than working with lots of established fashion brand around the world, I am now part of the United State Project Runway season 17 and season 18 series. This is another milestone for me in my career to be involved with TV production.

How has your work changed with the pandemic and how are you keeping spirits up? 
Work been slowing down and models have to self video taping for  job casting. It’s a hard time and I felt so worry, so unusual. But instead being depressed, I kept myself positive and take this as a great time to prepare and develop myself from inner to out. Taking more serious on my daily nutrition consume and meditate helps me keep my inner peace. 

Where are your favorite spots in NYC? 
I love Central Park and Dumbo. They are the most beautiful spot with the art of nature, water and significant building in one picture. Always felt the balance of peacefulness between the nature and the hustle and bustle at the spot. 

How do you expect your industry to change in the post-Covid world? 
Post-COVID will affect this industry open to the idea of online fashion showcasing. Meanwhile I am still hoping the situation getting better and things back to normal because modeling job has to travel and mostly have to be physical appear for shooting and fashion shows. The impact of live fashion show are still important for brand marketing.
What makes you feel your strongest and most confident (emotionally/spiritually/physically)? 
My modeling experience had taught me just to be myself, realizing  judgment and criticism does not affect me in any way and I believe being my true self is most liberating.
Is there one life lesson you've learned that you wish you had known when you were younger?
I wish I would have prepare myself to welcome challenges and embrace new ideas. 

Do you have a life motto? 
Be humble, accept new ideas and be myself.