Karen Becerra - Hair Aficionado and Beauty Lover

How would you describe your style? 
Blonde Audrey Hepburn ... Breakfast at Tiffany's style! 

How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry? 
I feel admired . The jewelry is so polished and exquisitely unique . I feel lavish  even in my jeans ❤️. 

How did you discover BulletGirl?  
As a hairstylist to BulletGirl when she started designing jewelry, I fell in love with all her pieces! Susana always shared Jessica’s newest creations ...  She always sported the newest sample designs ... My first loves were the Bonita bangles!!! I had to wait patiently on the side lines to finally own my own BulletGirl jewelry! It took years for the sample designs to be perfected and available for purchase ❤️. But now I own the Bonita bangles in three metals! They go well with everything! Well worth the wait. 

How did you start your business? 

I created Karen Becerra hair and feel extremely triumphant in the fact that I am able to work independently as a hairstylist in Houston, Texas . I have the honor of styling hair to some of the most demanding socialites in Houston. My business is small and allows me to spend time with my family and travel to beautiful places. One of my dear clients invited me to Alaska to style her hair for her wedding.  The  experience was amazing and the bride was glowing !! I also enjoy the adrenaline of a good photo shoot . My clients are like my friends and family .  I enjoy enriching their lives by my creative craft and bringing to life the most glamorous hair imaginable!!

I pride myself on helping each one of my clients look their best ! I like to think outside the box . The consultation process is the most important part of my profession. Finding out what a client wants to achieve for their lifestyle . After cosmetology school my training began at Urban Retreat of Houston where I worked with some of the best hairstylists in Houston. I was one of the first hairstylists to train on the Japanese thermal straightener . My training includes working with renowned hair stylists such as Jose Eber , Luigi Múreno (hairstylist to Madonna), Ceron and Albert Luis. Thanks to my extensive training and working in the most high end salons in Houston my speciality is corrective color , Japanese thermal straighteners and extensions . My favorite color line is Inoa L’Oréal’s odorless oil based color provides lasting grey coverage. Only the best color will provide the best wearable colors . Now, after almost a decade and a half of working for others, I  have a small studio and freelance location for the elite socialites of Houston.

What inspires you in your work and in life? 
What inspires me is nothing other than God's Creation and his words of wisdom. I consider myself a very spiritual person.  I love to write poems about the richness of the natural beauty of this world . No man can replicate the amazing natural wonders of this Earth ... let alone the wonders of the universe . Just last year I was inspired during my visit to the Cenotes and coral reefs of the Yucatán and the bioluminescent waters of the island of Holbox. What richness!!! From a young age I studied the Bible and as an adult I am inspired by the wisdom , protection and love the creator gives each and every one of us. He has camouflaged the most ”insignificant“ animals in a way they are protected from their predators. He has given them instincts . He helps them survive in a turbulent sea by gifting them a coral reef as their decant abode. I realize his love for all his creation. Truly we are gifted to live on such a beautiful planet even with its imperfections. I concentrate on these things because this nourishes my soul and fulfills me deeply. These wonders and a Psalm or a verse from his word are my beloved cup of coffee. This meditation inspires me to love others and care for them and nurture them too! 

What is your number 1 hair tip? 
My number 1 hair tip is nutrition! You can only have the best hair cut of your life if your hair is in the best shape of your life ! Take your vital vitamins ! Celery juice anyone ?

Do you have a life motto?  
“Behind a rock , behind a body of water ..Jehovah leaves a surprise . “ 

Treasure each surprise❤️.