Céron - Award-winning Hairstylist to the Stars

Growing up in Mexico City, inspired by the natural beauty of women and his own mother, Houston’s most-recognized stylist, Céron, has known that his purpose on earth is to use Beauty to make women feel like the best version of themselves. His relentless passion and indisputable talent for cutting and coloring has made him one of the most sought-after names in the industry. 

“With great passion, comes my craft. I don’t work….I have the joy in life to create beauty and make people happy and to feel beautiful. That in turn makes me happy” ~Céron

(1) Describe your style in three words.
     Super absolutely fabulous

(2) How do you feel when you wear pieces from BulletGirl Jewelry? 
     Absolutely sexy... I love the bullets and bullet motif. I don't associate them with guns or weapons, they are just perfectly designed.

(3) How did you discover the brand? 
     My super sexy faithful friend Jessica Meyer is the designer! 

(4) How would you describe the person who wears BulletGirl? 
      Absolutely fierce

(5) You are hairdresser to the stars! How did you discover your passion?  
      I discovered my passion in Paris in the 80’s while I was dating a very well-known hairdresser that introduced me to the beauty of hair... and the rest is history.

(6) After cutting my husband's hair terribly during the pandemic, I have even more appreciation for the art of hairdressing!! What do you love most about your career? 
     I love the way that I make people feel when their hair is fresh and new. I am so passionate about it! 

(7) What are you most proud about in your personal/family life? 
      I am the proudest of my daughter Ana Emilia and my husband Todd.

(8) What makes you feel your best and strongest (emotionally/spiritually/physically)?  
      My relationship with my husband and daughter, and being able to watch her grow  

(9) Do you have a life motto? 
     Be thankful.