BulletGirl Breaks Boundaries with Tamara Umansky

One of the questions we’re most often asked at BulletGirl is whether you need to be pro-gun to wear our jewelry. The answer is a resounding no! We do not take a stance one way or another. Our brand isn’t political - what ties us together is the desire to empower and celebrate women. Bulletgirl Jewelry is a symbol of our confidence, strength and resilience. The bullet can mean different things for different people. Tamara Umansky, an NY/LA based photographer and artist, who leans anti-gun, shares her perspective on the brand and what our jewelry symbolizes for her.
Tamara Umansky with her daughters Mia and Bar.

How do you feel when you wear Bulletgirl Jewelry?

When I wear Bulletgirl Jewelry, I feel sexy, strong, and confident. The designer, Jessica, really takes into consideration those who like delicate yet powerful jewelry that expresses who you are.
Tamara Umansky

What do the bullets in Bulletgirl Jewelry signify to you?

What I love most about BulletGirl is that it breaks the mold and boundaries about what bullets really are or can be. As an artist based in NY/LA, I lean pro-gun control but I see BulletGirl as a creative and powerful movement to deliver the feeling of beauty, power, and strength that all women deserve to feel. The jewelry allows us to shine a light into our inner alter egos of being badass and truly unstoppable. Bulletgirl jewelry transforms bullets from weapons of war into symbols of love. They are a visible shield that serves to protect, not to harm. In a sense, they make you wonder--are they real bullets or aren't they?

Some of our favorite Bulletgirl images are the photos you shot of your two daughters in Colorado! Tell us about what stood out to you as they proudly wore their Bulletgirl Jewelry!

Of course, my immediate impression upon seeing them wear the jewelry was how stunningly beautiful they looked! I loved how the jewelry really encouraged them to lean into their confidence and their strength - they looked like they were ready to take on anything they set their minds to. They are fabulous, empowering and affordable. 

Bar wearing Aguila Pearl Choker 

What do you wish for your daughters as they grow into women?

I wish for them to grow into strong, confident, powerful, loving, and unstoppable
Mia wearing Elektra Multi Pavé Bracelet in Yellow Gold.