Antonia Okafor - On the Power of Effective Communication

Describe your style in three words.
Classic, colorful, regal. 

How do you feel when you wear BulletgGirl Jewelry? 
I feel elegant and confident. Love the mission behind the jewelry. I feel bulletproof.
Can you tell us about your career path? 
I am the national spokesperson and the director of outreach for Gun Owners of America.  I went from a foreign policy major headed to a life as a diplomat in college to a 2nd Amendment advocate on the national stage. I was actually very anti-gun throughout my life until I went to college. It was there that I realized that gun rights empower women. They also empower minorities. I felt most empowered and safe when I could have a tool like a firearm to protect myself. So late in college, I made my own path in the gun world and started an organization that was dedicated to empowering young women through the Second Amendment. That organization became Empowered 2A. It is now a project of Gun Owners of America. And a project I run as their director of outreach. 
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You're a regular TV commentator on major news channels. What are your tips for clear and powerful communication? 
Talking points are key. Prepare talking points or bullet points before you go on TV or before a speech. Make sure to have a few lines that you want to make sure to say. You only get a few minutes--at most-- to speak or respond. Make every word count. Work on cutting out the filler words--um, uhs, etc. It wasn't easy for me to do that. But it was very helpful in getting my message across with authority.

You're also Director of Outreach for Gun Owners of America. What does this organization do?  It is the only no-compromise gun rights lobby in America. It started in 1975 after a former NRA board member grew tired of Second Amendment organizations that would compromise away our rights. Decades later, GOA is over 2 million members and activists strong. During COVID we had record numbers of African Americans become gun owners. Women are now over 22% of gun owners as well. So it makes sense that women like me--black women--are now the fastest growing group of gun owners in America. It is important that we reach out to them. I hope to do that. 

As a working mom, what is your advice for balancing/integrating both worlds? 
I will always be trying to figure out that balance. I have been trying to study the secret to that way before I was even married lol. But as many women know sometimes balance just doesn't exist. The biggest thing is forgiving myself when I cant do everything or do everything the way I would like. Sometimes it's more of the how. I would say that I am incredibly blessed to have a husband who is a true partner and helps me around the house, with my little one, and even with work! I do the same for him. A true partnership helps so much!
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Which BulletGirl collection resonates with you most and why?  
Susana Frost! I love the elegance and sparkle! It's totally my style. 

What are your everyday jewelry staples?
Earrings. My mom is from Nigeria and you don't leave the house without earrings in my household or in my culture. Lol. Earrings and jewelry in general are so important to Igbo women. But earrings always are key to women's femininity. 

What's your life motto? 
Be Empowered! Be empowered through Christ, and through the Second Amendment!

What do you love about the BulletGirl brand? 
I get compliments on my BulletGirl jewelry all the time. I told my husband not to look elsewhere when it comes to getting jewelry for me. I have found my jewelry connection through BulletGirl! I love how beautiful and  powerful I feel when I wear it! But most importantly, I love the message behind it. 
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