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Solitaire Cap Studs

Regular price $75.00

What does perfection mean to you? Is it a blur? Is it a concept or a goal, after which you have been running all these years, and that you need to apply to all aspects of your existence? Maybe someone told you when you were a kid that everything has to be perfect? Today, do you firmly believe that if you cannot do it in a flawless way, it is not even worth the shot? What if perfection were after all your worst enemy and biggest limitation?   

Reproduced brass .45 auto bullet caps with white CZ, bathed in rhodium, black rhodium, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Width: 1.11cm, 0.44in

Length: 1.11cm, 0.44in

Thickness: 0.34cm, 0.13in

a visible Shield

Transforming reproduced bullets into peaceful reminders that you are resilient, confident, & unstoppable.