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Honey Ryder Earrings

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The desire to change is very personal, and yet it should not take its source in some kind of egotistical considerations. Ultimately, don’t you want to include your loved ones in your thirst for greater emancipation? They do not have to join your party. However they are empowered to choose whether they want to embark on a brand new adventure besides you.   

Reproduced brass .223 Remington bullet with .357 Magnum bullet cap, bathed in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold,Rhodium, or black rhodium.

Width: 0.94cm, 0.37in

Length: 6.90m, 2.72in

Thickness: 0.94cm, 0.37in

a visible Shield

Transforming reproduced bullets into peaceful reminders that you are resilient, confident, & unstoppable.

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