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Fiona 006 Earrings

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A work of art, very much like a piece of original jewelry, is an admission that the designer shares with the world. There is no restraint, no boundary, and no fabrication. Vulnerability, truthfulness with self, and the intense desire to share openly without contrition must prevail at all times. Otherwise, the artist isn’t true to herself and the recipient of the piece of art ends up feeling uninspired, if not misled.  


Reproduced brass .380 bullet caps with white CZ and four leaf clover pavé finish, bathed in rhodium or Yellow gold


Width: 1.82cm, 0.72in
Length: 12.26cm, 4.81in
Thickness: 0.02cm, 0.08in

a visible Shield

Transforming reproduced bullets into peaceful reminders that you are resilient, confident, & unstoppable.