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Bonita 006 Cap Necklace

Regular price $350.00

When your instinct tells you that change can undoubtedly bring a certain enhancement to your life, why should you start accumulating evidences against what you know? Why would you elect to construct series of justifications as means to validate why you are not worth of it or why it is not feasible?  At the end of the day, you are the only one who is responsible for overriding your gut feeling.  


Reproduced brass .380 bullet caps, bathed in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Black Rhodium, or Rhodium. 


Width: 2.19cm, 0.86in

Length: 28.30cm, 11.14in

Thickness: 0.71cm, 0.28in

a visible Shield

Transforming reproduced bullets into peaceful reminders that you are resilient, confident, & unstoppable.