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Vesper Pavé Multicolor Bullet Cap Bracelet

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Life is all about changes, as long as you want your existence to evolve. Changes can be organic, spontaneous, or induced. Even though it may feel frightening and uncomfortable at first, change is good. Don’t resist it. To resist change can only create regrets, and one cannot live from a place filled with sorrows. Welcome new adventures. Allow them to flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. Just make sure you enjoy the ride.


Reproduced brass .17 bullet bracelet with pavé, bathed in rose gold, yellow gold, rhodium, or black rhodium. 


Cap Width: 1.05cm, 0.41in

Cap Thickness: 0.55cm, 0.21in 

Vesper Width: 0.67cm, 0.26in

Vesper Length: 2.52cm, 1.99in

Vesper Thickness: 0.67cm, 0.26in

Bracelet Length: 20.955cm, 8.25in

a visible Shield

Transforming reproduced bullets into peaceful reminders that you are resilient, confident, & unstoppable.