Zita Vasilisinova: Harnessing Meditation to Empower Women

You are a Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher - tell us about these practices and how you came to discover them.

There was a point in my life when I decided to try yoga (at that time, I didn’t have a high opinion of it because what I saw out there was just exercise and acrobatics). It was my second class of kundalini yoga that had me hooked immediately. I saw in this practice the exact mix of spirituality, that spans through generations. I love that it incorporated chanting and meditation. 

I never set out to be a kundalini yoga teacher. I studied it because I was extremely interested in how it works and through this process of studying it, my life changed and I gained more confidence and self-esteem and overall balance in life. I started teaching because I saw the need for it in our culture and felt motivated. 

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What have you discovered through Kundalini yoga and meditation? 

That anything is possible and that the world is so much more than it seems like. That there is magic everywhere you look, but it’s hidden, only revealing itself to those who are willing to see it. I cherish those lessons.

What’s your favorite spot/place to find peace and tranquility? 

I used to love going to my coffee shop around the corner but now with quarantine things have changed. What became my refuge is this running track I go to. It’s an inspiring space where many people go to play soccer, work out, they even do boxing and yoga or just relax. I find it comforting that the world still goes on and not everyone is sitting home watching TV!  

What do you love about Bulletgirl Jewelry? 

I love its boldness. Every jewelry piece that Bulletgirl has is a statement not just decoration. I love the sharp edges and how controversial it is because it reminds me that to be truly yourself takes strength and courage. 

Who is a Bulletgirl to you?

To me, Bulletgirl represents the unapologetic strength of a woman. I see Bulletgirl as someone who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Like when you aim a bullet at the target. I hope it will inspire women to have goals and not be afraid to achieve them.