Tina Dudek: Meet the Arizonan Home Whisperer Realtor

Describe your style in three words
Personality Style? Fearless Fighter with ZERO Off Switch - Clothing Style? Upscale Bohemian with an Edgy Twist 

How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry? 
No matter what the occasion, no matter who the audience, wearing my BG boutique pieces inspires me, gives me strength, and mostly provides me a determination to walk through a door with authentic fearlessness. 

What projects have you been working on that you're excited to share with the BulletGirl family? 
This year brought me an even more heightened sense of providing service to others. Veterans are near and dear to my heart and always giving back to them through every transaction has been part of my career, ie, to serve them, as they have, and continue to serve us. In addition to ramping up my Veteran approach, I've launched a new website to help others find their forever homes - www.myhomewhisperer.com  

You describe yourself as a home whisperer realtor. Tell us what that means.  
The nickname "HOME WHISPERER" was given to me by my Clients! Through 14 years of industry experience, the nickname continued to pop up and be used by my clients when referencing my approach to business.  What they referenced it to was someone who "spoke real estate" and who "understood the home buying and selling process, making it seamless".  

How did you get into real estate? What do you love about your job? 
Honestly, it started by accident !  Relocating to Northern Arizona from the Phoenix area, I wondered what I wanted to do with my time having just shut down a successful youth hockey organization in the Phoenix area (yes, really lol). My love of beautiful homes rolled my thoughts forward to getting my license thinking meh, maybe I would help just my own family should we need to sell or buy next time around. I mean, why not, right?  Well, once obtaining my license, I sold my own home, and from there, interest in my services started to present themselves.  What started to become clear and noticed is that with every transaction I closed, what I would consistently hear from my Clients was that they loved my “service”, and they appreciated me putting THEIR needs first with every step taken. I guess I was a little confused hearing this time and time again … I mean, isn’t that what every Realtor does..or should do? Put their Clients first? Well, 14+ years later, and working both the Phoenix area market & Northern Arizona, I am proud to say that it’s that same approach, that same mindset of “service” vs “sales” that has kept me productive, successful, and with repeat business from clients through the years.  I STILL truly love what I do, I’ve never forgotten where I started – and I believe that has been the key to my longevity in this industry.

What is your practice for taking care of yourself physically, spiritually and mentally? 
Mentally? I try to begin each day with eyes open, mindset positive, and a grateful heart. Do I get off track? Of course. However, coming back to putting my mind right "first", by finding at least ONE positive thing at the beginning of each day, seems to create an attitude that allows all else to fall into place until I close my eyes at night. Physically? From dawn to dusk, I run most comfortably at MACH SPEED, therefore, every morning, 20 minutes of max training inside, then a run with my rescue dog in the desert air, taking in the sunshine that Arizona offers, gets me going and keeps me sane.  Spiritually? My home is my refuge - a peaceful sunset at the end of the day, my feet in the water of my pool, or sitting quietly on my front patio watching the wildlife, seems to reset me, mentally/spiritually.  

What do you love most about Arizona? 
The weather, the sunshine, the amazing sunsets and their colors, the laid back lifestyle, and specifically, the little slower pace where I live that offers me peace at the end of each hectic day. 

What's one lesson or message you wish you could have shared with yourself as a young girl that you know now?  
Embrace, and be Thankful for Setbacks as they teach us WHO we really are – Stay True to Yourself – Keep a Positive Attitude Always

What's your favorite BulletGirl piece? 
Oooh, this is a difficult question as each has a significant and very important meaning to me:  My necklace, which was my first piece represented a very specific, lofty, business goal I hit. I would look at the necklace through the months and say, "when I hit THIS target, it's MINE!" ... I hit it, and bought it.  It was very satisfying!  My bracelet, the 2nd even higher goal for myself the same ... visualized it, hit the goal, and purchased it, sharing my story with BG, only this time, with a twist from BG that I would never ever have expected. BG gifted to me my earrings after hearing my story and how inspired I am by these pieces. To have been afforded such a generous gift and thoughtful gesture floored me. I am so used to giving, to working hard for others, that having someone randomly give back to ME?  Well, I am forever grateful and humbled. They are just splendid.

Do you have a life motto? 
Ha Ha ..well, the specific words for a motto seem to change for me, but they ALWAYS appear to have the same sentiment ... FIGHT FOR WHAT'S RIGHT |  BE FEARLESS | BE STRONG AND OVERCOME OBSTACLES.  In my personal life, I have had to dig deep and overcome obstacles that I never would have dreamed of, and in my business life, I've had opportunities to build and grow myself over and over.  It is with memories of these life experiences, and the paths that I have traveled down that the BG brand resonates, and continues to speak to me.