Reality TV and Legal Superstar: Erica Rose

  • Describe your style in a few words
    Effortlessly chic, Feminine, Fun

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  • You were on the Bachelor as a contestant! Can you share what that experience was like?
    It was a very positive experience when I first when on the show at age 23. I had some remarkable moments come from it such as getting to appear on Ellen and I also made lifelong friends.  I outgrew the franchise as I approached my 30s.

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  • You've been on several other reality shows. How is the perception of reality shows different from reality? What have you taken from those experiences? 
    Well we actually will be appearing on this current season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht on Bravo. It was a true luxury yacht experience.  You will be able to catch our charter 6 croatian adventures next month on Bravo!  Of course I brought my Bullet Girl jewelry on the trip!!
  • In addition to your accomplishments in entertainment, you are also a lawyer! How did you decide to start your own law firm and what do you specialize in?
    I really needed the flexibility and control of owning and running my own business. I’m also a mother of 2 young daughters.  They come first in my life.  It is great that my husband Charles Sanders has joined my practice and now we are partners at Rose Sanders Law Firm, LLC.
  • How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry?
  • What's a day in your life like?
    Wake up around 7, get kids off to school, hop over to Houstonian for a morning work out or game of tennis and then head to our office in Greenway Plaza where I work until it is time to pick the girls up from school. Once a week I tape my Podcast which is called Cutting Loose and it is available on I heart Radio and Itunes as well as other platforms. Evenings are family time. We like playgrounds, walks with our dogs, dinners and other relaxing activities.

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  • Our BulletGirl collections are named after iconic Bond Girls. Which collection resonates with you most?
    Elektra is so fierce! 
  • What is your favorite category of jewelry and why?

    Do I just have to pick one? I like earrings as well as wristwear.  Wristwear is what I am constantly changing up as well as earrings.  My fingers are taken up with my various wedding rings and bands.

  • What's your life motto?
    You can have it all, just not at once.

  • Can you kindly provide a testimonial for BulletGirl jewelry based on your experiences with us? 
    I always get compliments whenever I wear one of my BulletGirl pieces. They are so unique, and well made.  Really love them!! 

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