Real Estate Powerhouse: Beth Cassidy

Describe your style in three words.
Young, modern, chic - I wear a lot of black, it goes with everything!  

How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry? 
I LOVE it! Empowered, strong, and like a badass. It's edgy, I get so many compliments on it. It's exceptionally unique. 

Can you tell us about your career path in residential and commercial design? 
I had some personal tragedy that happened in my family. My sister encouraged me to enter real estate - I became successful without even trying honestly. I enjoyed it so much and had such a passion for it. My mom's best friend was an interior decorator - and I became enamored by the beauty of homes. I got an art degree and had experience in advertising sales. My favorite part of it is the relationship part - it's such an emotional sale. It's very rewarding when you find the perfect place for your clients. 

In 2016, you sold one of the ten most expensive homes in Houston! What was that experience like? Any lessons you can share with us? 
It was very stressful! I deal with celebrities and athletes - there's an entire entourage of people who you work with... It was a huge sale that saved my life and supported me for two years after that. I was relentless and didn't give up. If I didn't get answers, I was on the phone 24/7... I learned that communication is key and keeping everyone involved on the same page. We went through the contracts very thoroughly with each party.

What makes you most proud to be a Houstonian? 
I've lived here all my life - I know so many people from being in the community. People are so approachable and compassionate. I like the nightlife, the restaurants, the people, and multiculturalism. 

You volunteer for the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation. How did you decide to become involved? 
It's my friend Cindi Rose's foundation that helps to treat cancer patients who can't afford all of the treatments. Her sister passed away from breast cancer and this was exceptionally meaningful to her. It's a great organization. 

What advice do you have for young women looking to enter the real estate industry? 
It's not as glamorous as it looks - you think you just pop a house out there and make a lot of money. You need to have some money in the bank before you do it because you need referrals, networking, meeting a lot of new people - it doesn't happen overnight. It seems like everyone is getting their license now. 

What are your everyday jewelry staples?
I wear a lot of gold - big earrings, bracelets. I don't wear a lot of expensive pieces but I wear things I like - they can be $20 or $30. I just pick what appeals to me and I get a lot of compliments!  A lot of that I learned from my daughter - she's a fashion designer and a big part of that is being creative and artistic, how you style pieces together. I think I have an eye for that with staging homes as well. 

What's your life motto? 
If you visualize and think positively, you can make it a reality!
I love what I do, what can I sell for you?  

Can you kindly provide a testimonial for BulletGirl jewelry based on your experience? 
I love the designer, Jessica Meyer, but what I love most about it is that it's very Texan! It's very sexy, edgy, unique and just BEAUTIFUL! Everyone stops me and asks me about the jewelry... just today, 5 women stopped me to ask about my necklace! It's stunningly unique and beautiful.