Describe your style in three words.
Low-budget Amal Clooney

How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry?
I feel empowered and strong.  People have asked me many times about my Bullet Love pendant and whether it is glorifying violence, I always answer it reminds me how much I would do to protect the ones I care about- the bullet for me is a symbol of the ultimate sacrifice I am willing to make for those I love.

You and Jessica met back in middle school! What has changed since then and what has stayed the same?
I am very happy to say I am not the same person I was in middle school- life’s successes, failures and scars since then have built a person I am proud to be and I am proud of who Jessica has become as well.  I admire strong women who try new things sacrificing the familiar to live curiously.

You're a very successful blogger- what are your tips for blogging success? ;)
I have not been good lately- Covid lockdown concerns have weakened the purpose of the blog,, to encourage women over 40 to try new things and meet new people.  But I do see a growing fatigue of living in fear among my friends who just want to get out and be safe and start living life again.  I look forward to getting the blog updated with constant content, interesting subject matter and depth. We find our intensely- researched travel posts do the best because people want to escape everyday reality- particularly in 2020!

You look absolutely amazing. What are your tips for looking and feeling young?
Thank you! I have always been active athletically but last year as I turned 50 I noticed increasing pain in my joints, inflammation and general lethargy. I work out a lot so I know it wasn’t lack of exercise.  

I tried a new low glycemic-index diet that is high in protein and vegetables, originally designed for diabetics, I think Halle Berry follows it.  I cut out simple carbs and sugar and my absolute favorite- white wine which I was drinking by the gallon and replaced this hole in my diet with sweet potatoes, occasional brown rice, and low-sugar alcohol like tequila and hard seltzer.   This dietary shift made all the difference.  Inflammation reduced significantly, along with stubborn fat and my body’s muscle was revealed.  It was amazing, I look and feel better than I have in decades.  The best part is the maintenance- it is easy to stick to I after two weeks I lost the sugar and carb cravings completely.  Recently I took a month off of drinking to get my quarantine-nightly booze habit under control.  I noticed a major improvement in my skin, inflammation and energy within the first week.  I learned I can’t drink during the week anymore - just weekends.  I think the older we get the more we realize by giving up old bad habits we actually gain much more than we lose.

What makes you feel your best and strongest (emotionally/spiritually/physically)?
Inner peace! I have to make happiness for myself and can’t expect any outside influences to do it for me, (family, shopping, friends, booze, etc.).  Now that my kids are older I have given myself permission to pursue things I have always wanted to do that I never had time for before and I have pursued them alone.  At first I felt selfish indulging in my own interests but now I embrace the freedom. In the past three years I have taken up beekeeping, Krav Maga, polo and ceramics.   These activities have not only challenged my fears and physicality but also kept my brain active and they have introduced me to new groups of people I never would have met if I hadn’t stepped out of my familiar comfort zone.  My new friends have truly been the best part, they are always introducing me to new and interesting things.

You are married to a local celebrity, a mother of two boys, a philanthropist and blogger - how do you make it all happen? :-)
I love being busy- I am a multi-tasking queen- this is a good and bad thing.  I get a lot done but I get lazy about details and over-commitment leaves me drained and cranky.  I recognize this fault and keep trying to fix it but then just tend to find another way to distract myself. The lesson I think I am supposed to learn here is you can't be great and useful doing too many things. I really need to pare down my interests to committing to helping one charity like Covenant House, a group that provides housing and services for the most underserved people in our community, homeless teens.   I prioritize my health as much as possible every day because without that, there is nothing to give to others.  I most love spending time with my family and friends who make life richer and working at my day job, as a media consultant for attorneys with high profile cases.

Do you have a life motto? 
That which does not kill me, better start running! ;)

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