In Conversation with Felicia Stone

Felicia Stone wearing Honey Ryder Pavé Bracelet in Rhodium.

How would you describe your style? 

My style could be described as in your face. I’m fully aware of that and I own it. I don’t run from trends because it’s ok to embrace fun fashion of the moment but the key is balance. Remaining true to yourself and incorporating trends that excite you. In short, don’t force it. Some of the brands that speak to me are Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Pucci... I love fashion

I’m often described as a passionate person but I’m most passionate about my family, no question about it. Do I even need to explain? :)

 What’s your favorite spot/place to get inspired?

That’s tough because it’s so easy to find inspiration in so many different people, places and moments in time. Be it flipping through magazines, scrolling through pinterest, travel, events, friends...the list goes on and on! I do however find myself being more and more inspired by my 18 year old daughter. She inspires me more than she knows and lately I’ve noticed that I respect her stamp of approval and truly appreciate her young wisdom on not only fashion choices but various hot topics and current events as well. 

Who are the women in your life who inspire you? 

My daughter is my inspiration and my muse! Rounding out the list of strong female forces that inspire me deeply are the incomparable Michelle Obama, actress and activist Kerry Washington, performer extraordinaire Beyonce, THE Madame CJ Walker and even myself. I consciously encourage and push myself to be better in every way so that I might impact the world in a fraction of the way that these women have. 

What’s a day in the life of Felicia Stone like? 

"A day in the life” can be a total blur or a complete snooze fest, just roll the dice!

How about I walk you through my day today? Woke up at 6:45 am to take our 6 month old Cane Corso Stella to “puppy prep school.” Stella joined the family 4 1/2 months ago during quarantine and has somehow managed to steal the hearts of us all.
Back home, I whip up breakfast while checking emails before distance learning classes at 9am. 3 kids, 3 different schools. Two seniors (twins) and one 8th grader. So we’ve got 2 kids preparing to apply to college and one kid prepping for high school. Merely typing this exhausts me haha!
In between putting out 'little fires everywhere’ I renovate and flip houses. I’m currently working on 2 properties but I’m most excited about a non profit passion project in the works, spearheaded by my daughter Madison. You’ll hear much more about that very soon. 

Once the sun goes down I like to play dress up and settle into a cozy booth at Uptown sushi with a chilled glass of wine and a good girlfriend. Recently I’ve been able to enjoy lots of girlfriend time as my husband is away on “official duty” in the NBA bubble. Every cloud has a silver-lining. 

What does Bulletgirl Jewelry mean to you? 

Bulletgirl Jewelry is a lot of things, which is probably why I’m so obsessed! Not only is the jewelry stand out, edgy and cool but it's also elegant and timeless. If the message behind the brand and what the brand stands for isn’t enough to get you excited about the pieces, the designs are sure to do so. There’s something for everyone, no doubt. Bulletgirl jewelry is so versatile. I obviously own many pieces. My daughter has several pieces of her own that fit her style and personality perfectly. I’ve gifted pieces to my mother and mother-in-law, given pieces to girlfriends and teachers. Jess designs for everyone and that is one of the many reasons I love this brand so much. 

Do you have a life motto? 

I can’t possibly choose one motto that reflects my views on life in its entirety. Some words we’ll live by forever, while others are useful and enriching for a period of time. What I can say in this moment is, “the more reflective you are, the more effective you are."

Felicia Stone at BulletGirl Trunk Show