Donae Chramosta - Powerhouse Purveyor of Luxury

Donae Chramosta with Husband, Rob.
Donae Chramosta is a powerhouse purveyor of all things luxury. Through the Vintage Contessa, Donae is living the “Authentic Life” luxuriously. Her business caters to global collectors of vintage and estate fine watches, designer jewelry, luxury handbags, GIA certified diamonds and rare coins. Vintage Contessa sources and curates an incredible collection of authentic, timeless and luxury pieces with a promise of 100% authenticity. Earlier this month, Bulletgirl Jewelry founder and designer Jessica Meyer interviewed with Donae as part of their Authentic A Lister series.

Donae Chramosta and her daughter, Bella.

Describe your style in a few words.

Lady like vibe with a splash of whimsy and a little edge. I love major luxury brands like Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Christian Dior and Chanel but also niche brands. 

How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry? 

Empowered, energized and inspired to stand up for myself and others. 

What inspired you to start Vintage Contessa?  

My love of fashion and style dated back to my childhood. My mom, grandmother and I would spend hours and hours shopping, flipping through fashion magazines, saving favorite looks as tear sheets for inspiration. My most treasured fashion luxury pieces were Gucci bags my father would gift my mom and me after traveling to Italy sourcing marble and granite. These iconic pieces fueled my love of Italian international style. When I met my husband, an international jeweler and watch dealer, I was thrilled to join his travels, buying designer handbags and fashion jewelry for myself. Friends and family began asking me to buy for them too. In 2011, I joined my husband in the preowned luxury market, officially launching The Vintage Contessa.

 What's your life motto?

Style is not just beautiful people, doing beautiful things in beautiful places: it includes their stories of purpose, commitment, connection and authenticity.
Donae Chramosta with daughter, Bella and husband, Rob.