American Journalist, Activist and Former Miss Venezuela: Carmen María

You recently published a memoir titled Stolen Identity: A Story of Love, Violence and Liberation. Can you tell us a bit about the book and what inspired you to write it? 
I am a survivor of Domestic Violence. Just like most victims, I did not know I was one until my life was in danger. My book tells the dramatic and traumatic events in my marriage and how at the hype of the abuse I was able to awaken and realize I had to save myself in order to save my children. I wrote the book as a way to heal and to help women. To show them this can happen at all levels of society. For me it is important, also for young girls to learn to recognize signs that indicate who is a potential abuser. Today Domestic Abuse is consider a health problem as the number of cases are rising, especially during the pandemic. 
Carmen Maria journalist and activist

In addition to being an author, you're also a journalist! How did you decide to enter this field and what do you like about it? 
I studied Arts and later I entered the Miss Venezuela Pageant. As soon as I won, I started to work on Television in Venezuela. Soon I had my own television show. I felt in love with this new form of art and registered myself to study Journalism. 
I practiced in Venezuela and after finishing my studies here in the USA at ETSU (Magna Cum laude) I worked for Telemundo-CNN, Houston as Anchorwoman. Today, I write articles, send stories to outlets in Miami and I am writing a second book. Being a journalist helps me as a writer. 

Tell us what a day in your life looks like :-)  
Life is busy! I have my fifteen year old son and we start early in the morning. I drop him to school and go to the gym. Then I start my day. I am a realtor and I either have clients I am working with or go to the office for paperwork while handling interviews, etc, to promote the Book. I have also a hair product line that I manage myself and I am also a real estate investor. 
Who is a BulletGirl to you?
BulletGirl is a friend that came up with an incredible idea to create something that we love “Jewelry” with bullets- something that is totally shocking. But shocking gets attention. I feel her Jewelry empowers women! For me, after what I have gone through, empowerment of women is very important. 

long dangle earrings charm
As an activist, what have been your most meaningful projects or experiences that you'd like to share with our audience? 
I have worked in charity since I was a teenager. I am very proud that as a 19 year old girl, as Miss Venezuela, I created a Foundation to help Pediatric Hospitals. 
I expanded that project to Ecuador and Peru. Today because of the situation in Venezuela the Foundation sadly no longer exists. But it still operates in Peru. 

Who are the women who inspire and motivate you? 
The women in my family. My aunts but especially my Mother! My Mother is my role model. She is the example of a dignified, hard working woman who overcame many obstacles in life and was able to raise a successful family. She was tough but sweet, determined but never stepped over any one... she is smart and strong. She is almost 90 years and counting. 

What do you love about BulletGirl Jewelry?
I have become a true Texan and as a Conservative who defends our 2nd Amendment, I love these pieces that represents our Texan pride and Patriotic Spirit. 
Do you have a life motto? 
The truth will set you Free!

miss venezuela award winner