A Day in the Life of Pop Artist: SUGAR JOIKO

Describe your style in three words.
Fun, sassy, empowering <3 

You are a pop artist, producer, and musician. What led you to your career path and what do you love about it? 
Honestly, music really chose me.  Ever since I touched my first piano, ideas and songs came to mind.  I love that I can create and find ways to express myself through music and production. 
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What's a day in your life like? 
My day starts off with a long morning with my dog, Diva.  I most enjoy producing in the mornings with a hot cup of tea.  I take a couple breaks playing my current favorite video game, Apex.  If I don't produce I'll hit the gym or go for a bike ride to my fav coffee spot, Cafe Brasil.  I enjoy doing office work there a lot.  After that's it's either a quick drink with my favorite friends, or back in the lab creating more music. :) 

What inspires your songs? Do you write your own lyrics?
Oftentimes, feelings or other sounds.  Feelings inspire the mood or lyrics of a song, while sounds, whether instruments or literal sounds of other objects inspire the track. Yes, I write my own lyrics :) 

How do you feel when you wear BulletGirl Jewelry?
Honestly, like a total bad ass.  Women artists are known for being pretty and cute on stage.  Well I like to rock out, get in people's face, and own my presence and individuality on stage.  When I wear BulletGirl I feel empowered and sassy.  The pieces are a strong statement that I can be strong and cool as an artist.

Do you sing on stage/ go on tour? How has the pandemic changed your life this past year?
I lost over 80% of my income and gigs in 2020.  It was a very slow year for performing and creating as an artist.  But i do appreciate the down time.  I've started a new album, I did a few road trips, I had the down time I needed to free my mind and refocus.  I'm very excited for what 2021 has in store. 
Our BulletGirl collections are named after iconic Bond Girls. Which collection resonates with you most and why? 
I like the Chains of Love brand.  I enjoy 60s music very much and I'll always be an appreciator of pop music.  Their style is fun and cool.
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What is your favorite category of jewelry and why? 
I love your necklaces.  They're a great conversation piece, beautiful material, and it compliments my style as an artist.  I wore a stunning gunmetal necklace made out of bullet ammo.  I received so many compliments for it and it really made my style edge, fun, and cool for my most recent concert.  I can't wait until they're available for purchase! 

What's your life motto? 
"What comes from the heart, reaches the heart".  This motto is how I stay true to myself
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