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Bulletgirl was an inspiration of Jessica Stern Meyer. She has an incredibly creative spirit and has loved design her whole life. Her grandfather manufactured bullets in Mexico and on one of her visits it struck her that these bullets could be made into amazing jewelry! Not only for what they could look like but what it could represent.

Her vision became reality when she started putting it all together and thus Bulletgirl was born.

This bullet jewelry has a unique quality to it as it sends a strong personal message as well as being beautiful. It is a juxtapose to what the bullets are literally intended for and the words such as love, peace and faith are symbolically placed on the bullets and make a very strong statement. Both men and women can wear this bullet jewelry by Bulletgirl as it transcends all stereotypes! Jessica wants Bulletgirl to represent fierce, fearless, strong and passionate persons that love beauty and finds the messaging to be part of their spirit.

She loves the idea of making the bullets have a completely organic feel as well as crossing into fine jewelry and a line for men. Her ideas are endless and she looks forward to you taking this new found approach to Bulletgirl with her…as her motto goes…Get Loaded!

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Bullets symbolize violence. But our new line of jewelry shifts the paradigm, transforming them into symbols of inner strength, personal conviction, and an unflinching affirmation of self.
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